Halloween Performers for Hire

Get ready to experience the magic of Halloween like never before with our versatile and captivating acts. At Storm in a Teacup Circus, we take entertainment to a whole new level by transforming our talented performers into bewitching Halloween characters. Whether you're hosting a spine-tingling Halloween party or a haunted event, our acts are here to add a touch of enchantment and eerie excitement.

We have a plethora of acts, including aerial chain artists, spooky fire dancers, sensational laser shows, scary stilt walkers and intriguingly wicked kids performers who will send shivers down your spine, we've got it all. Watch in awe as our performers take on the persona of a wicked witch on stilts, brewing spells and cackling with glee, or witness the haunting elegance of a skeleton suspended in an eerie aerial hoop. These unique and spine-tingling performances will leave your guests spellbound and craving more.

Welcome to a Halloween experience like no other, where every act is a thrilling character ready to enchant and enthrall your audience.